Friday, October 16, 2015

Lessons From This Week....

I’ve had 3 discoveries this week…..

#1 – Genius Hour causes me to lose sleep on Tuesday nights.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not staying awake out of dread; it’s somewhere between excitement and nervousness.  I hope to get over this little issue, but if I don’t, Wednesdays’ Genius Hours are worth a few lost zzzzzzz’s.

#2 – I love the challenge I’ve given myself to bring inspirational items to the table to begin each Genius Hour.  I am purposeful about the quote outside the door.  I often share these via Twitter.  I also try to share a motivational picture book, video, etc.  This week’s was a big hit, “Rosie Revere, Engineer.”  I’m super excited about what I have up my sleeve for our next Genius Hour.

#3 – To quote Mrs. Looper, “this story will make your Genius Hour heart smile.”  She was certainly correct.  Student S was struggling with her project ideas.  Frankly, she had nothing.  Mrs. Looper, school media specialist, tasked her with writing a question an hour from the time she left Genius Hour at 2 PM until she went to bed.  Mrs. Looper told S she would be checking up with her on Thursday.  When S walked in to Mrs. Looper’s office Thursday afternoon, she had a pile of post-it notes filled with questions.  As she talked with Mrs. Looper, she shared that she had found her project – the Great Depression.  She and Mrs. Looper discussed the variety of ways that could go, and S was feeling good.  Mrs. Looper asked S how she came up with the idea.  S’s reply, “I made my mom take me out for a drive… and we had ice cream.”  J  Wherever and however inspiration strikes!

Happy learning,