Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This year's Genius Hour is off to a good start!  Many students are excited to explore topics of personal interest.  Some students are immobilized by the amount of freedom presented in Genius Hour.  A small few seem to think the May showcase will just disappear if they ignore it long enough!  :)

Mrs. Looper and I have implemented a few changes this year.  

  • Early meeting
    • In mid-September, each student met with one us of to discuss potential project ideas.  These meetings followed 3 periods of brainstorming.  This was a good time to chat with each student to gauge how things were going thus far.
  • Written proposal
    • In mid-October, each student submitted a written proposal.  This forced the students to put ideas into written form.
  • Followup meeting
    • During November, we have been again meeting with each student for him/her to discuss verbally project ideas.  We can see how some students have moved on to new topics.  We find others who have better refined ideas.   We have also been able to provide additional support to some who are still very much struggling.
  • Meeting in the Media Center
    • Upon Mrs. Looper's urging, we now hold every Genius Hour in the library.  The students appreciate the space to spread out.  I like how the change of scenery identifies this is a true shift from writing class.
I have been pleased with each of these changes.

Shark Tank #1 is in 2 weeks -- Can't wait to see the feedback students receive from their peers!

Happy learning & growing,