Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Finding the New....

Well, it's been WAY too long since I've posted.  I'm going to put that in the past and just move on!  

A teacher asked me the other day what do I do to keep the passion?  My simple answer... find new ways to do things.  Whether it's a new project, a new room setup, a new technology tool.... I have to keep mixing things up.  (This probably also explains why I struggle with eating the same thing twice in the same day!)

New things I'm doing this year.....

  • Only teaching writing - I will dearly miss talking about books, so I will find ways to work those into my writing classes.
  • New desk setup - I SERIOUSLY downsized my desk.  I'm excited to give students more space in the room.
  • New way of teaching grammar - We are going to use Jane Kiester's Giggles in the Middle to learn grammar techniques this year.
  • New technology tools - The one I'm trying first is Flipgrid.  This tool allows students to post video replies to questions I post.  Check this out!
Students - I'm excited to learn & grow with you.
Parents - Thank you for trusting your children to me each day.
Teachers - Keep finding new ways to keep your passion high.

Happy learning,