Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ready to Hit the Ground Running

This week was all about getting us ready for next week's true Genius Hour kickoff!

The students assembled accountability folders which contain

  • a tracking sheet of each Wednesday from now until the Showcase on 5/9
  • a contract which they will sign with Mrs. Looper and myself stating what each of our roles are in this learning adventure
  • a sheet to track questions they have and answers they find
  • a sheet which will hold their driving question
I'm excited to see how this accountability piece helps the students this year.

Happy learning, 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

A commitment.....

So.... I've made a commitment to blog weekly!  Here we go..... thanks for going along!

This school year has been one of adjustments.....

  • Teaching writing all day (no more reading)
  • Tweeting every day using the #sharethepositive idea
  • Going back to school pursuing a Master's Degree
  • Taking on new church commitments
While there are bumps with each of these transitions, each one is a learning opportunity!

I appreciate you joining me on the learning & growing adventure!

Happy learning,

P.S. Genius Hour starts next week!  I'm sure that will give me PLENTY to write about!